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"SEAL" Shallow-Water Emergency Assisted Lift

 You’re underwater Assistant for manually raising your Blade & Pro II Series Power Pole.
8FT or 10FT Models

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Why you need an assistant


 At times, your Shallow Water Anchor won’t lift or raise.  The hydraulic motor, pump or a broken cable,  loose fitting and or hydraulic leak maybe the cause of the issue.    

Easy to use and access


 When you’re in real need to lift your anchor(s), Just reach down to the rubber plug, lift the tab on the handle and pull it out and upward.  Grab the handle and pull the anchor up.  

Never leave your back deck


  There are times throughout the year that getting in the water isn't  possible due to water temps and or other conditions..  Even if you could get in the water,  you may not be able to do this task all alone.

Built in Handle


Overview Video


Demo Video


What's Included in the Kit

This SEAL is  your assistant and is always there for when you need help manually raising your Shallow Anchor.   Just release the cable from the holder near the bottom bracket and pull the Shallow Water Anchor Up with force.  

All Stainless Steel hardware using a 1700 lb rated cable with the length of your anchor.

Longer Stainless Steel bolt.

Alcohol Pad for supplied cable clip

Rubber Bungee

  Installs in 15 min.