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"Release Me" Magnetic trailer brake release key

 This key fits within the UC receiver slot on your trailer and prevents your surge brakes from locking up when you’re trying to back your trailer up a steep grade or maneuvering your trailer into a tight spot - with or without a vehicle. 

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Slide into slot


No more tape, just slide it into the slot when your brakes lock up in reverse.



Attach the cable with the included double furrule to your trailer and the magnetic key is always available to slide in to the slot.

Installation Video


Comes complete with instructions and only takes minutes to install

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What's Included in the Kit


3/4" diameter
12" Cable (600 lb strength)

What's in the package:

-Seacured Fishing "Release ME" Trailer Brake Release Key with 12" coated green cable
-3/32" Aluminum Cable Double Ferrule
-Installation Instructions

Important Information: This product uses Neodymium Rare Earth  Magnets: Never allow near a person with a pacemaker or similar medical  device. Also Never place this product near magnetic media such as floppy  disks, credit cards, magnetic ID cards, cassette tapes, videotapes, and  similar items. Magnet can also damage televisions, VCR's, computer and CRT/LCD monitors.