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"Red Eye"

 Outboard Motor LED Brake Light

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Make awareness


 This fits inside a 3-3/4 diameter opening inside the inner part of the propeller.   Holds on with a buckled strap and the extension cable plugs into the included harness that connects to your trailer lights.

Trailer harness


Comes with a wiring harness that installs easily with plastic clips.  This gives you a male waterproof connector attached to the trailer.   All you need is a light tester and assistant to assist with turning on the lights and pressing the brake pedal.

Prevent collisions


 The  "RED EYE" is a must have when trailering your boat.  Once plugged into  your trailer harness, it provides awareness to others who drive behind  you by illuminating as you use your lights and brakes as well as your turn signals.  

Overview Video


Installation Video


What's Included in the Kit

 Light with cord and buckle

Wiring Harness

5 clips


This device is only used when trailering your boat.

Always remove the light and unplug the cable before launching and store in your vehicle