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Begins early! Approximately 3/4 of an hour before sunrise...

We recommend eating lightly; fruits and sandwiches are great while fishing. Coolers are not necessary as our boat is equipped with a cold storage compartment for your use. Bathroom facilities are not available on the water.

Capt. Clyde is a professional and will make every effort to accommodate the comfort and privacy of female clients and Boating Safety. 

Capt. Clyde is knowledgeable about water and boating safety. His boat is state-of-the-art and in top running condition. The boat is equipped with full electronics.  Although catching fish is your prime reason for our services, we must put your safety above anything else. 

The following "boat rules" are mandatory.

1.  During the use of the main engine, all persons must wear a securely fastened life vest (supplied of course).

2.  No firearms may be brought aboard by the client.

3.  Alcohol may be brought aboard by the client, but drunkenness will not be tolerated.

4.  Decisions by Capt. Clyde involving any on-board safety matters or movement from an area for safety reasons are non-debatable. 

Weather and Dress...Florida's weather conditions are unpredictable. 

The weather (May through September) is typically 75-95 degrees.   Normal dress for most anglers under these conditions would be undershirt, pullover shirt, and light windbreaker, jeans with shorts or swimsuit underneath, and soft-soled shoes.  

The weather (October through April) is not typical. Early morning temperatures may be in the 30's with afternoon temperatures 50 to 80 degrees. Your apparel should consist of layers of clothing that may be shed during the day. Dress for most anglers under these conditions would be undershirt, pullover shirt, a sweater, a   medium weight jacket, jeans with shorts or a swimsuit underneath, and soft-soled shoes. Thermal clothing may be necessary at times during the winter months.   Sunscreen is essential. 


Clewiston: Roland and Mary Ann Martins: Call:  1-800-473-6766 

Recommended airports for commercial flying are located to the north at Orlando, Florida, and to the south at West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Each airport is about one and one half hour’s drive to Lake Okeechobee. Rental cars are available at the airport. 

Capt. Clyde urges clients will not keep any trophy bass, and must release all fish caught. 

Of course you can take measurements for replicas to be re-created.

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