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Non-Penetrating Tournament Culling System

"Clip My Lip"

Designed for tournament anglers who demand a quick and easy way to tag their fish. 

Save time, protect your catch and no more punching holes in their mouth.

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2 Clip Versions


 Plastic  clips hold the fish securely throughout the day and they are easy to  open by holding the fish in one hand while clipping the fish with the other hand.  The clips open by squeezing the sides together and  are always locked closed.   Multispecies in on the Right

Largemouth is on the Left

The Kits


Large-mouth Kit with the larger clip for your bucket mouths


Multi-Species Kit with the smaller clip

*this kit is great for smallmouth and pan fish

Making it work


 When attaching the clip find the bottom lip, locate the center and just to the right you'll see a thin membrane just below the fishes lips.   Spread the membrane with your fingers and place the clip on the soft tissue.  When you let go the membrane will cover the end of the clip and stay on all day.  

Intro Video


Testimonial Video


Install Clip Video


The steps on the right way to install the clip on a fish.

Best Practices Video


The best way to keep your fish alive


What's Included in the Kit

Constructed from the highest quality components

(5) or (6) 2" Bright colored floats to identify each catch Orange - Pink - White - Green - Blue - 6th is Black

A strong clip system that holds strong 

(17") Long 3/16" coated cable to hold the fish which won't break​ 

A looped end, which will fit your favorite culling beam